Are We In A Bear Market? Glassnode Analyses The Latest Bitcoin Crash

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Let’s reduce to the chase: Glassnode thinks we’re in a bear market. In tinheritor newest “The Week On-Chain” e-newsletter, the corporate tries to “establish the likelihood that a prolonged bear market is in play” by “using historical investor behaviour, and profitability patterns as our guide.” One factor’s for positive, the latest crash was extreme, and “such a heavy drawdown is likely to change investor perceptions and sentiment at a macro scale.”

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How extreme was it? According to Glassnode, “this is now the second worst sell-off since the 2018-20 bear market, eclipsed only by July 2021, where the market fell -54% from the highs set in April.” Apart from the worth, traders “capitulated over $2.5 Billion in net realised value on-chain this week.” Who had been these paper hand traders? “The lion’s share of these losses are attributed to Short-Term Holders.” Of course.

Glassnode Points Out The Bear Market Indicators

  • The first indicator Glassnode goes for is “The Net Unrealised Profit/Loss (NUPL) metric.” Which measures “the overall market profitability as a proportion of market cap.” How is Bitcoin doing on that entrance? “NUPL is currently trading at 0.325 which indicates that an equivalent to 32.5% of the Bitcoin market cap is held as an unrealised profit.”

BTC Price Drawdown from ATH | Source: Glassnode

How does this level to a bear market? “Considering previous cycles, such low profitability is typical in the early to mid phase of a bear market (orange). One could also reasonably argue that a bear market started in May 2021 based on this observation.” This just isn’t sufficient, although. But Glassnode has extra.

  • The second indicator the corporate hit us with is “The MVRV Ratio.” This one “is calculated as the market cap, divided by the realised cap; and is a useful tool for identifying periods of high, and poor investor profitability.”

How does this level to a bear market? “With a current MVRV-Z reading of 0.85,  the market is well within territory visited in bearish markets, and a bearish divergence is noted, similar to the NUPL metric above.” Is this sufficient? No method. But Glassnode has an ace up its sleeve.

  • The third indicator is “the Realised-to-Liveliness Ratio (RTLR).” They use “the Realised Price using Liveliness in the denominator” to calculate this one. 

How does this level to a bear market? “The market is now trading below the RTLR price of $39.2k, but above the Realised price of $24.2k. Again, this is often observed during early to mid stage bear markets.”

Who Sold And Who Is Still Holding Strong?

There’s no shock right here. The “Short-Term Holders (STH)” are promoting. How does Glassnode outline STHs, although? By the age of their cash. “Coins are considered to be owned by STHs when they are younger than ~155-days, and are statistically more likely to be spent in the face of volatility.” No shock there both.

It’s value declaring that the STH’s cash are “currently held at a loss.” In truth, “as of this week, almost the entire STH supply is underwater.” That might be scary for newcomers, so these cash are vulnerable to being bought. At a loss. These individuals are going to remorse their emotional choices for all times, however that’s a subject for an additional article.

BTCUSD price chart for 01/24/2022 - TradingView

BTC worth chart for 01/24/2022 on Oanda | Source: BTC/USD on

The different query right here is, who’s holding robust? According to Glassnode, “Interestingly, STH supply remains near multi-year lows, which is indicative of their counter-part, the Long-Term Holders (LTHs), who appear impressively unfazed by such a severe drawdown.” Of course. People who already understood the sport aren’t straightforward to shake.

How are the LTH’s cash doing? “Over 59.3% of the circulating supply has now been dormant for over 1yr, increasing by 5.8% of circulating supply in the last three months.” This sounds bullish, however Glassnode finds a method to rain on the LTH’s parade. “Whilst a rising, and large proportion of mature coins is generally considered constructive, it once again bears similarities to a bear market, a time when only the HODLers and patient accumulators remain.”

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Conclusions And Hopium

According to Glassnode, one may argue that the “bear market started in May 2021.” Does it really feel like a bear market, although? No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t really feel like a bull market, both. We could also be in a brand new section. The Bitcoin cycle is likely to be useless. Or possibly we’re simply in a bear market as Glassnode tried to show. Either method, LTHs aren’t promoting.

Featured Image by mana5280 on Unsplash | Charts by Glassnode and TradingView

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