How to Trade with Long Wick Candles

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Long Wicks Can Provide Valuable Trading Signals

Long wick candles are recurrent inside the foreign exchange market. This makes understanding the that means behind these candles invaluable to any dealer to understand the market dynamics throughout a selected interval.

Trading candle wicks is usually ignored because of its simplicity however appreciating this idea generally is a welcome addition to a dealer’s repertoire. This article will define:

  • What are lengthy wick candles?
  • How to determine an extended wick candle on foreign exchange charts
  • What does an extended wick inform us in foreign exchange?

What are lengthy wick candles?

Long wick candles are sort of candlestick which have an extended wick connected to the candle physique. The candle physique may be constructive or adverse, making the lengthy wick applicable for any sort of candlestick.

The size of the candle wick specifies the excessive and low of value motion inside a delegated time interval. Understanding and buying and selling candlestick wicks can present foreign exchange merchants with key tradeable alternatives.

How to determine an extended wick candle on foreign exchange charts

  1. Locate lengthy wicks above/under a candle that’s disproportionately longer than that of the encompassing wicks.
  2. Use value motion to determine key value ranges which will coincide with the lengthy wick, signalling ranges of assist/resistance.
  3. Use the lengthy wicks and key ranges to detect potential commerce alternatives.

identifying the long wick candle

What does an extended wick point out in foreign exchange?

A protracted wick candle, like capturing stars, headstone Doji’s and hammers are a part of a “family” of reversal candlesticks. Let’s discover an instance:

NZD/JPY Long Wick Candles

The chart under exhibits NZD/JPY on a weekly time-frame. Highlighted in blue illustrates lengthy candle wicks previous to a reversal in value motion. In different phrases, if the longer wick is under the physique of the candle, value tends to maneuver up.

Conversely, if the longer wick is above the physique of the candle, value tends to maneuver down. These prolonged wicks (these which might be longer relative to different wicks on the chart) present useful data for the dealer.

trading the long wick candle

A protracted wick that extends under a candle signifies that sellers had been in a position to push the worth down considerably. However, bulls had been in a position to drive value again up displaying consumers energy. Since bulls overpowered the promoting strain by bears, there exists the potential that their energy will carry ahead resulting in an upwards motion in value. The identical principal would apply for lengthy wicks showing above the candle – in the other way.

How can a dealer use lengthy wicks of their buying and selling

The first step when using lengthy wicks is to determine the development (as talked about above). If the development is down, seeing a candle (or a number of candles) with lengthy wicks on the highest factors to a stronger potential for value to maneuver down within the route of the market.

Continuing with the downtrend instance, if the pair retraces (strikes in opposition to the development) and stalls at a stage of resistance or a Fibonacci stage, merchants will search for lengthy wicks on the tops of the candles forming alongside that resistance line for 2 causes:

  1. Those lengthy wicks point out the potential for the pair to commerce to the draw back again within the route of the development.
  2. The prime of that prolonged wick supplies a really prudent stage for a dealer to put their cease. The rationale for that cease placement being that consumers pushed value to the highest of that wick however couldn’t push it past that time. Hence, inserting the cease simply above that wick is a stage that has a decrease chance of getting hit.

There is usually confusion amongst merchants as to which period body of chart this technique may be utilized to. For day merchants, they might take a look at 5- or 10-min time-frame charts. Swing merchants alternatively could take a look at different intraday charts like 2-hour or 4-hour charts.

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Taking notice of lengthy wicks forming at ranges of assist or resistance, particularly after they sign motion within the route of the day by day development, can create a useful “edge” for the dealer.

Advantages and Limitations of the Long Wick Candle



Appears regularly in all monetary markets

Cannot be traded utilizing the lengthy wick candle in isolation

Long wicks are simple to determine

Require supporting proof to commerce equivalent to key value ranges or indicators

Further studying on foreign exchange candlestick patterns

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  5. Inside Bar

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